About Kinephonics®

Kinephonics® happened by chance (not luck), and because Anna Gill was prepared to take a risk.

As an educator, Anna spent many years searching for a practical solution to help children learn the sounds of the alphabet.  The result, a published literacy mirror book, which made sense for children, and sparked an unwavering commitment from Anna to understand WHY.

To better understand ‘Why it worked’, Anna studied the brain and neuropsychology.  Her discovery was the creation of a large scale literacy solution; a learning concept that could be implemented into digital technology; a learning concept that was scalable in every language and could make literacy globally accessible.  

The inspiration and reason behind her continued focus was the evidence…..

‘I have seen too many people benefit from what it teaches, and I kept coming back to the fact that the concepts were recognised in neuroscience in 2011.   I have seen tears of hope; shifting attitudes to learning; improved relationships; confident communicators and life-long learnings.’

Anna admits that the responsibility of her discovery is huge and whilst excited by the possibility, she felt incredibly lonely.  

‘I now feel incredibly responsible. I need to get this concept out there. I need to get it out there in the best possible way; without causing a disruption to the education sector; without causing controversy in evidence-based education practice; without causing teachers to lose anymore respect. The responsibility of making a discovery means that you have to think about the ramifications of the discovery.’

Anna is now proud to introduce you to her solution, the language learning platform,

If you want to learn a language, you can

Whether it is your first language or your second or third

It is all about your willingness to trust yourself to go on the journey

Give yourself permission to explore language through your own eyes

Watch and listen to your accent as it improves

Basically, let Kinephonics® guide you

A final word from Anna

‘I admit this is about trusting me. If you can trust that I have brought everything I know to this language learning platform and almost everything I own, then you might see that if I can take a risk on all of that, you might be able to sign up to the platform to have a look around; to understand the learning concepts; to learn a language.  Be mindful that although the technology looks really simple, the science behind the concept is incredibly complex.


There is no payment required to start learning.

There is no rush.

There is no shame.

Have no regrets.


Sign in

Where will your words take you?’


More information

  • 'The approach uses several cognitive senses – sight, sound and proprioception – and meshes well with our neurological view of learning that stresses the extensive connection between the senses.' P.161 From Brain to Mind, Professor J. Zull 2011 Case Western University, Cleveland, OHIO, USA


  • Kinephonics Concept: 'It certainly offers an innovative, entertaining, and attractive way to demonstrate to young children that words are composed of individual sounds, which is an important thing to understand when learning to read.'  McArthur and Coltheart, 2005 Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science, Macquarie University, Australia


  • Kinephonics Concept: 'It is just great!! I love it!! It really is so simple, obvious, needed, attractive, precise, just right, etc. etc. You have captured this concept to a tee. The illustrations are great and I like the use of all of them front and back. I especially like your introduction of each word with a simple sentence and including some good adjectives.' Helen Grant, Teacher 40 years, 2005