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Sign up now to experience the Kinephonics® Virtual Learning Space and receive the link to download our app. opens a new world of learning, a virtual learning space, where individuals, groups and organisations work together to learn languages on their phone, tablet or web device. Leaders build language learning apps to use with their group. The apps are made in an instant with a choice of two templates: Translator and Pronouncer. The Translator is for language learning for multiple languages and the Pronouncer advances the individual’s vocabulary and pronunciation with one language at a time. Both templates use our Kinephonics® patented video learning methodology. As a free user, we give you free access to engage with our many different Translator and Pronouncer apps. As a subscriber or group leader, you can use our templates to build your own apps to share amongst your own group for collaborative learning.  

The Kinephonics® methodology makes learning efficient. Put simply, by focusing on your pronunciation, you will remember words and ideas in multiple languages. By watching your lips move when you are saying, reading and listening to the word, you engage the language circuitry in the brain.  The more deeply engaged with the pronunciation of the spoken word, the greater the opportunity for success in learning. Our methodology also takes into consideration the importance of collaboration as part of learning and so in addition to a private learning space, each member also has access to a shared learning space to progress their learning.  

Members can:  

  • Turn translation into learning
  • Turn speaking into an accent
  • Read, write, listen and speak in multiple languages
  • Practise, record and review language learning and communication skills
  • Share and compare learning progress (and knowledge) via video
  • Work in private groups
  • Build an app library
  • Learn anywhere, anytime

It is our mission to make learning universally accessible (and aspirational)

Our members will advance their communication skills, transform their behaviours and reach their potential. They will develop their skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in multiple languages for multiple purposes all across the world.

Working with business, educational institutions, allied health and research organisations:

  • We enable business leaders to promote communication, business relationships and customer service in multiple languages for global business opportunities, travel and tourism.  
  • We enable English as an additional Language/Dialect [EAL/D] trainers and students to develop Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills [BICS] and Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency [CALP] with greater ease and efficiency.
  • We enable teachers, educational institutions, allied health practitioners and speech therapists to support reading, writing, listening and speaking, advanced pronunciation and language learning in multiple languages; TESOL; ESL; speech and language difficulties, dyslexia, attention and learning disorders.
  • We enable educational and medical experts to research speech and reading difficulties, pronunciation, BICS and CALP, dyslexia, attention and learning.


Contact us for our API technologies and licenses. Powered by Kinephonics® Patent no. 2016905042. 

  • ' The approach uses several cognitive senses – sight, sound and proprioception – and meshes well with our neurological view of learning that stresses the extensive connection between the senses. ' P.161 From Brain to Mind, Professor J. Zull 2011 Case Western University, Cleveland, OHIO, USA


  • 'It certainly offers an innovative, entertaining, and attractive way to demonstrate to young children that words are composed of individual sounds, which is an important thing to understand when learning to read.'  McArthur and Coltheart, 2005 Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science, Macquarie University, Australia about original publication of Kinephonics® concept


  • 'It is just great!! I love it!! It really is so simple, obvious, needed, attractive, precise, just right, etc. etc. You have captured this concept to a tee. The illustrations are great and I like the use of all of them front and back. I especially like your introduction of each word with a simple sentence and including some good adjectives.' Helen Grant, Teacher 40 years, 2005 about original publication of Kinephonics® concept