Kinephonics® Pty Limited has been established to support learning. We believe that it takes a community to educate a student. The stronger the network, the more successful students will be in achieving their full potential.

By applying the neural framework to learning, students will be empowered to develop their values, skills and knowledge. Kinephonics® cloud technology platform presents the neural framework of learning. Our circuitry that has dynamic relationships to improve the process of learning, prove ownership and support understanding.

Based on elements of trust and truth, we are providing real and achieveable outcomes for learners and their communities. Click here and join our mission

  • "The approach uses several cognitive senses – sight, sound and proprioception – and meshes well with our neurological view of learning that stresses the extensive connection between the senses." P.161 From Brain to Mind, Professor J. Zull 2011 Case Western University, Cleveland, OHIO, USA


  • "It certainly offers an innovative, entertaining, and attractive way to demonstrate to young children that words are composed of individual sounds, which is an important thing to understand when learning to read." McArthur and Coltheart, 2005 Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science, Macquarie University, Australia


  • "It is just great!! I love it!! It really is so simple, obvious, needed, attractive, precise, just right, etc. etc. You have captured this concept to a tee. The illustrations are great and I like the use of all of them front and back. I especially like your introduction of each word with a simple sentence and including some good adjectives." Helen Grant, Teacher 40 years, 2005