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The George Institute for Global Health and Kinephonics® request your help to restore speech for stroke patients. This is a major new innovative program of research to help get the brain-impaired speaking again.

The Brain Health Project - Stage I

This initial development phase will refine the technology and demonstrate the feasibility of using the multi- cognitive learning Kinephonics technique of speech entrainment in adults with disturbed speaking (‘aphasia’) as a consequence of stroke. 

The Brain Health Program - Stage II 

This program will use Kinephonics digital health technology to reliably demonstrate the significant health benefits of speech entrainment in a wide range of affected people - adults with post-stroke aphasia, and children and younger adults with developmental problems - in different community settings and contexts. We will generate peer-reviewed evidence of improved recovery by essentially teaching non-verbal people to speak again within just a short period of time. Our research will result in major scientific reports published in high-impact journals, leading to wide acceptance of the approach in clinical practice guidelines.

We hope you will join us in this wonderful opportunity to advance science and health, and help thousands of Australians to speak coherently and clearly again.